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Forgotten citizens : deportation, children, and the making of American exiles and orphans

Luis H. Zayas author 2015

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  • Title:
    Forgotten citizens : deportation, children, and the making of American exiles and orphans
  • Author: Luis H. Zayas author
  • Subjects: Children of illegal aliens -- United States; Children of illegal aliens -- Law and legislation -- United States; Illegal alien children -- Government policy -- United States; Illegal aliens; United States -- Emigration and immigration -- Social aspects; Electronic books
  • Description: Keeping silence -- Migrating for life's sake -- Immigration wars -- The lives of citizen-children -- Rules and responsibility, guilt and shame -- Arrest and detention, and the aftermath -- Fighting to preserve a life -- Losing the challenge -- Exiles and the limits of citizenship -- Human loss and becoming deportation orphans -- Our common future -- Appendix A. Research project : exploring the effects of parental deportation on U.S. citizen children -- Appendix B. Cancellation of removal cases : practical information for mental health clinicians.
    "The United States Constitution insures that all persons born in the US are citizens with equal protection under the law. But in today's America, the US-born children of undocumented immigrants--over four million of them--do not enjoy fully the benefits of citizenship or of feeling that they belong. Children in mixed-status families are forgotten in the loud and discordant immigration debate. They live under the constant threat that their parents will suddenly be deported. Their parents face impossible decisions: make their children exiles or make them orphans. In Forgotten Citizens, Luis Zayas holds a mirror to a nation in crisis, providing invaluable perspectives for anyone brave enough to look. Zayas draws on his extensive work as a mental health clinician and researcher to present the most complete picture yet of how immigration policy subverts children's rights, harms their mental health, and leaves lasting psychological trauma. We meet Virginia, a kindergartner so terrified of revealing her family's status that she took her father's warning don't say anything so literally she hadn't spoken in school in over a year. We hear from Brandon, exiled with his family to Mexico, who worries that his father will die in the desert trying to immigrate again. Children like Virginia and Brandon have been silenced and their stories largely overlooked in the broader debates about immigration policy. As this book demonstrates, we can no longer afford to ignore them"--
  • Publisher: New York, New York : Oxford University Press
  • Creation Date: 2015
  • Format: 1 online resource (289 pages).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN0-19-021114-8;ISBN1-336-03094-1;ISBN0-19-021113-X
  • OCLC Number: 904248991
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