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Law and American education a case brief approach

Robert H Palestini Karen F Palestini c2012

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  • Title:
    Law and American education a case brief approach
  • Author: Robert H Palestini
  • Karen F Palestini
  • Subjects: Educational law and legislation -- United States -- Cases; Electronic books
  • Description: Contents; Preface; 1 Introduction; I. Sources of Law; A. Federal Law; B. State Level; II. The American Judicial System; A. State Court Systems; B. Federal Court System; 2 The Educator and Liability; I. School District Immunity; A. Liability under State Law; B. Liability under Federal Law; II. The Law and Nonpublic Schools; A. Special Status of Religious Schools; B. Nonpublic Schools as Private Citizens; III. Educator Liability; A. Intentional Torts; B. Defamation of Character; C. Negligence; D. Defenses for Negligence; IV. Duties of Supervision; A. Before and After School
    B. During School HoursC. Off-Campus Activities; V. Parental Consent; VI. Contract Law; VII. Sexual Harassment; VIII. Bullying; IX. Privacy and Student Records; A. Rights of Parents; B. Rights of School Personnel; C. Confidentiality and Student Suicide; X. The Internet and Emerging Technologies; XI. Copyright Law; XII. Malpractice; XIII. Insurance; 3 Schools and the State; I. Compulsory Attendance; A. Satisfied by Parochial, Private, or Home School Attendance; B. Regulation of Nonpublic Schools; C. Home Instruction; II. Religion in the Schools; A. School-Sponsored Prayer and Bible Reading
    B. Equal AccessC. The Teaching of Evolution; D. Religion and Textbooks; E. Distribution of Religious Literature; F. Shared Time and Religious Instruction; G. Religious Holidays; H. Accommodation of Religion; III. Use of Facilities; IV. Aid to Nonpublic Schools; V. School Fees; VI. Health Services; A. Immunization; B. Distribution of Condoms; 4 Students and the Law; I. Freedom of Expression; A. The Tinker Doctrine; B. Limiting the Tinker Doctrine; C. Participation in Patriotic Exercises; II. Suspension, Expulsion, and Disciplinary Transfer; A. Suspension; B. Expulsion; C. Disciplinary Transfer
    D. Zero Tolerance and School SafetyIII. Corporal Punishment; IV. Search of Students and Lockers; A. Student Search; B. Intrusive Search; C. Search for Drugs; D. Locker Search; V. Dress and Grooming; A. Dress; B. Grooming; VI. Pregnancy, Parenthood, and Marriage; VII. Education of Individuals with Disabilities; A. The Limits of "Free Appropriate Education"; B. Individualized Educational Program Requirement; C. Equal Access to Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities; D. Least Restrictive Environment; E. Inclusion of Children with Disabilities
    F. Disciplining Students with DisabilitiesG. Private School Placement of Disabled Students; H. Communicable Disease as a Disability; I. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; VIII. Participation in Extracurricular Activities; A. Legal Status of Extracurricular Activities; B. Athletics; IX. Disciplinary Action for Out-of-School Offenses; 5 Teachers and the Law; I. Contract Nonrenewal and Dismissal; II. Freedom of Expression; A. Tenured Teachers' Freedom of Expression; B. Nontenured Teachers' Freedom of Expression; III. Academic Freedom; A. Appropriate Materials; B. Political Speakers
    IV. Drug Testing
    This third edition expands coverage on such topics as the law and students with disabilities, confidentiality, sexual harassment, student searches and tuition vouchers. It also includes some new topics such as bullying, copyright law, and the law and the internet.
  • Publisher: Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education
  • Creation Date: c2012
  • Format: 1 online resource (113 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1-61048-399-5;ISBN1-61048-401-0
  • OCLC Number: 851972221
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