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School vouchers and privatization : a reference handbook

Danny K. Weil 1953- ©2002

Available at Dr. John Woodenlegs Memorial Library  Nonfiction Collection  (379.1 WEI 2002 )()

  • Title:
    School vouchers and privatization : a reference handbook
  • Author: Danny K. Weil 1953-
  • Subjects: Educational vouchers -- United States; Privatization in education -- United States; School choice -- United States; Bons scolaires -- États-Unis; Privatisation en éducation -- États-Unis; Écoles -- Choix -- États-Unis; Educational vouchers; Privatization in education; School choice; Privatisierung; Schule; Schulwahl; United States; USA
  • Description: 1. Introduction -- Privatization and education -- What is privatization? -- Some examples of privatization -- Why privatization? -- A brief examination of economic theory : the history behind the present debate -- What proponents and opponents are saying about neoliberalism and privatization efforts -- The argument for neoliberalism -- The argument against neoliberalism -- Privatization as an economic and social phenomenon -- Summary -- Notes -- 2. Chronology -- 3. Privatization and school choice -- Public and private choice : identifying the differences -- A brief history of private school choice -- The academic failure of American students : fact or myth? -- Factors influencing public opinion about the impact of private vouchers and privatization as an educational concept : the role of the media and special interests -- Politics, markets, and America's schools : making the case for private school vouchers -- Implementing private school choice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin : a brief history -- What forces have fueled the private choice movement? -- Neoliberalism, the Educational Maintenance Organization, and the emerging educational industrial complex -- The Education Maintenance Organization and the education industrial complex -- Impetus from the religious right -- Parental dissatisfaction with the status quo -- Teacher's dissatisfaction wit the status quo -- Business and political dissatisfaction with the status quo -- Summary -- Notes -- 4. The privatization of education : arguments and controversies -- The language of choice -- Arguments for and against private choice and school vouchers : what are the issues? -- Neoliberalism and the primacy of markets : the argument for private choice and school vouchers -- The international experience with vouchers -- Neoliberalism and the inadequacy of markets : the argument against private choice and school vouchers -- Politics, religion, and the emergence of the private voucher movement -- Should school vouchers be used for private, religious schools? -- Parochial school vouchers and the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution -- Parochial school vouchers and the free speech clause of the U.S. Constitution -- School vouchers and the free exercise clause of the U.S. Constitution -- Do school vouchers lead to better schools and higher student achievement? -- The problem of accountability -- The problem of admission practices -- The problem of restoring public schools -- Conclusion -- Notes.
    5. Vouchers and the law : drawing conclusions from research -- Evaluating research on vouchers programs -- Milwaukee's voucher program : the historical and social context -- Origins of the Milwaukee parental choice plan -- Charting the major research studies -- Considering the control group -- Accounting for the subjective elements of teaching and learning -- Considering claims to objectivity in research -- The issue of data deficiency -- Reporting the results of the MPCP studies -- How achievement is measured -- The Milwaukee PAVE program and the growth of religious schools -- Argument : voucher schools lead to better public schools and higher student achievement -- Argument : voucher schools no not lead to better public schools and higher student achievement -- Argument : private choice schools no not discriminate in their admission practices, nor do they cream or skim the best students -- Argument : private choice does lead to discrimination and the creaming and skimming of students -- Argument : vouchers not divest public schools of needed funds nor do they thwart effective educational reforms -- Argument : vouchers do divest public schools of needed funds and impede effective educational reforms -- The Chilean school choice program -- A brief history of the Chilean voucher program -- Martin Carnoy's findings -- Summary -- Notes -- 6. Private scholarships and faith-based charitable contributions -- A brief history of private philanthropy : privatization of education -- CEO America : the birth of the private national scholarship movement -- Private philanthropy as a social movement -- Charitable choice, faith-based charity, and educational religious accommodation -- Charitable choice in public policy -- Shifting the public policy terrain -- Charitable choice : the argument -- Developing a federal office of faith-based charities -- The outlook for private philanthropy and charitable choice -- Notes.
    7. From learning centers to earning centers? -- Chronicling commercialism in education -- How does corporate advertising enter our schools? -- Sponsored Educational Materials (SEMs) : a pedagogical promise or a predatory practice? -- Channel One television : the technological SEM of the future -- A typical Channel One program -- Who pays for Channel One? -- The Channel One Web site : on-line learning or on-line mall? -- Learning and assessment, Channel One style -- Other experiments in exploiting the educational marketplace -- Contests, sample products, and incentive programs : who is getting educated? -- Resistance or acquiescence? -- Commercialism in the classrooms, the bottom line -- Sponsorships and exclusive agreements : the rise of the school-business partnership or the selling of American children? -- Exclusive agreements between schools and corporate sponsors : educational partnerships or contractual relations? -- Summary -- Notes -- 8. Managing public schools for profit : the rise of the educational management organization -- For-profit management companies : pros and cons -- Charter schools and the explosion of for profit opportunities -- Pedagogy or profit, what is the for-profit management agenda? -- The anti-for-profit movement -- Contracting out public school services to for-profit companies -- Summary -- Notes -- 9. Epilogue -- The internationalism of privatization : neoliberal politics and education -- Summary -- Notes -- 10. Selected print and nonprint resources -- Print resources -- Nonprint resources -- 11. Directory of organizations, associations, and government agencies -- Organizations involved in educational reform -- Government agencies -- Nonprofit organizations -- Nonprofit organizations that oppose educational privatization and commercialization -- Private organizations that support school vouchers -- Incentive programs -- Organizations that create and support Sponsored Education Materials (SEMs) -- Electronic marketing SEMs -- For-profit and nonprofit organizations that manage schools -- Organizations involved in direct marketing aimed at youth.
    Contains information about practical applications as well as case studies showing success and failures in school reform.
  • Publisher: Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO
  • Creation Date: ©2002
  • Format: xv, 320 pages ; 24 cm..
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1576073467;ISBN9781576073469;ISBN1576077535;ISBN9781576077535
  • OCLC Number: 48485972
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