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Self-insight roadblocks and detours on the path to knowing thyself

David Dunning (David A.) 2005

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  • Title:
    Self-insight roadblocks and detours on the path to knowing thyself
  • Author: David Dunning (David A.)
  • Subjects: Self-perception; Electronic books
  • Description: BOOK COVER; HALF-TITLE; TITLE; COPYRIGHT; CONTENTS; ABOUT THE AUTHOR; PREFACE; CHAPTER 1 Thales's Lament; Evidence of Inaccurate Self-Views; Correlational Evidence; Overconfidence; The Journey Ahead; CHAPTER 2 Ignorance as Bliss; The Anosognosia of Everyday Life; Awareness among the Incompetent: Empirical Studies; Complaints; Evidence for Metacognitive Deficits Among the Incompetent; Assessing Metacognitive Skill; Altering Metacognitive Skill; Further Complaints; When People Recognize Their Incompetence; The Burden of the Highly Competent; Other Processes That Interfere with Self-Insight
    DenialErrors of Omission; Concluding Remarks; Endnote; CHAPTER 3 Clues for Competence; This Chapter's Agenda; Basing Confidence on Explicit Reasoning; Our Knowledge Is Accurate, but Incomplete; Our Knowledge Is Largely Accurate but Has a Few "Bugs"; Our Knowledge Is Only "Pseudorelevant"; The Problem of Confirmatory Bias; Basing Confidence on Fluency; Problems; Recent Exposure Can Mislead; Repetition Can Mislead; Implications for Learning; Top-Down Confidence: The Use of Pre-Existing Self-Views; Altering Performance Estimates by Playing with Self-Views; Problems with Self-Perceived Expertise
    Societal ConsequencesConcluding Remarks; CHAPTER 4 The Dearest Teacher; Learning from Experience: Some Data; Why Feedback Fails to Inform; Feedback Is Probabilistic; Feedback Is Incomplete; Feedback Is Hidden; Feedback Is Ambiguous; Feedback Is Absent; Feedback Is Biased; Flawed Habits in Monitoring Feedback; People Focus on Positive Co-occurrences; People Create Self-Fulfilling Prophecies; People Fail to Recognize Their Mistakes in Hindsight; People Disproportionately Seek Feedback Consistent with Their Self-Image; People Accept Positive Feedback, Scrutinize Negative
    People Code Positive Actions Broadly, Negative Ones NarrowlyPeople Attribute Positive Outcomes to Self, Negative Ones to Anyone or Anything Else; People Misremember Feedback; Concluding Remarks; CHAPTER 5 False Uniqueness; Controllability; Missing Insights; Beliefs About Others; Beliefs About the Self; Overcoming the Controllability Bias; A Digression About Comparative Judgment; Egocentric Thought; Observability; Pluralistic Ignorance; Emotion; Uncertainty and Ambivalence; Inhibition; Consequences; Interventions; Concluding Remarks; CHAPTER 6 In a Word; The Vagueness of Traits; Judging Others
    Self-BiasThe Genesis of Self-Serving Trait Definitions; Vertical Versus Horizontal Ambiguity; Consequences; Concluding Remarks; CHAPTER 7 The Merest Decency; The Moral Pedestal; Moral Behavior Is Desirable; Moral Behavior Is Controllable; Moral Behavior Is Ambiguous; A Vexing Ambiguity; Which Error Is It?; Basic Findings; Sensitivity to Moral Principles Versus Self-Interest; Why Wrong About the Self?; A Surprising Competence; Internal Versus External Approaches to Prediction; The Neglect of Distributional Information; Application to Moral Prediction
    Accentuating the Positive a Little Too Much
    People base thousands of choices across a lifetime on the views they hold of their skill and moral character, yet a growing body of research in psychology shows that such self-views are often misguided or misinformed. Anyone who has dealt with others in the classroom, in the workplace, in the medical office, or on the therapist's couch has probably experienced people whose opinions of themselves depart from the objectively possible. This book outlines some of the common errors that people make when they evaluate themselves. It also describes the many psychological barriers - some tha
  • Publisher: New York : Psychology Press
  • Creation Date: 2005
  • Format: 1 online resource (242 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1-280-17138-3;ISBN0-203-33799-9
  • OCLC Number: 259502361
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