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On building, defending, and regulating the self a psychological perspective

Abraham Tesser; Joanne V Wood; Diederik A Stapel 2005

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  • Title:
    On building, defending, and regulating the self a psychological perspective
  • Author: Abraham Tesser; Joanne V Wood; Diederik A Stapel
  • Subjects: Self; Electronic books
  • Description: Introduction: An overview of building, defending and regulating the self -- The Michelangelo phenomenon in close relationships / Caryl E. Rusbult, Madoka Kumashiro, Shevaun L. Stocker & Scott T. Wolf -- From thought and experience to behavior and interpersonal relationships : a multicomponent conceptualization of authenticity / Michael H. Kernis & Brian M. Goldman -- Transportation into narrative worlds : implications for the self / Melanie C. Green -- Conflict and habit : a social cognitive neuroscience approach to the self / Matthew D. Lieberman & Naomi I. Eisenberger -- Ideal agency : the perception of self as an origin of action / Jesse Preston & Daniel M. Wegner -- Reflections in troubled waters : Narcissism and the vicissitudes of an interpersonally contextualized self / Frederick Rhodewalt & Carolyn C. Morf -- Nagging doubts and a glimmer of hope : the role of implicit self-esteem in self-image maintenance / Steven J. Spencer, Christian H. Jordan, Christine E.R. Logel & Mark P. Zanna -- Approach avoidance motivation and self-concept evaluation / Andrew J. Elliot & Rachel R. Mapes -- Self conscious emotion and self-regulation / Dacher Keltner & Jennifer S. Beer -- On the hidden benefits of state orientation : can people prosper without efficient affect-regulation skills? / Sander L. Koole, Julius Kuhl, Nils Jostmann, Kathleen D. Vohs -- The roles of the self in priming-to-behavior effects / S. Christian Wheeler, Kenneth G. DeMarree & Richard E. Petty.
    This volume pulls together research on several aspects of the self. One set of chapters deals with the importance of building a self based on authenticity and ""Who I really am.""; a second group deals with the ways in which we defend views of the self as positive and powerful; a third group is concerned with multiple aspects of self regulation. Each of the chapters is a well-written, non-technical description of an important, currently active research program.
  • Publisher: New York : Psychology Press
  • Creation Date: 2005
  • Format: 1 online resource (313 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1-135-42387-3;ISBN1-280-11366-9;ISBN0-203-99805-7
  • OCLC Number: 259502043
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