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An Alabama Songbook Ballads, Folksongs, and Spirituals Collected by Byron Arnold

Robert W Halli Jr. 2013

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  • Title:
    An Alabama Songbook Ballads, Folksongs, and Spirituals Collected by Byron Arnold
  • Author: Robert W Halli Jr.
  • Subjects: Ballads, English -- Alabama; Folk songs, English -- Alabama; Spirituals (Songs) -- Alabama; Alabama -- Songs and music; Electronic books
  • Description: Contents; Introduction Alabama; Part 1. Ballads; Chapter 1. Love's Triumphs; The Miller's Daughter; Pretty Mohea; Katie Dear; Last Night I Dreamed of My True Love; Jack the Sailor; Oh Johnny; A Fair Damsel; Chapter 2. Love's Tragedies; Billy Came Over the Main White Ocean; Love Henry; The Brown Girl; Barbara Allen; Rosella; True Lovers Part; Johnson City; Chapter 3. Love's Disappointments; Lord Lovel; Sailor Shantey; Fair Lady Bright; Winter's Night; The Rich Irish Lady; Robin Gray; Logan O. Bucken; Joe Bowers; Jack and Joe; That Little Black Mustache; Chapter 4. Pathos/Children
    It Rained, It Mist Three Babes; When the Parley Dew Is Faded; The Orphan Girl; Put My Little Shoes Away; The Blind Child's Prayer; Tying the Leaves; Chapter 5. Pathos/Adults; The Romish Lady; The Letter Edged in Black; Darling, Soon I Will Be Sleeping; Little Dove; Drunkard's Song; Ragged Pat; Chapter 6. Crimes and Criminals; Charles Guiteau; Little Mary Phagan; Stagalee; Boston City; Chapter 7. Humor; The Blue-Tail Fly; Springfield Mountain/Rattle-um Snake; Billy Grimes; Squire Jones's Daughter; The Old Man Lived in the West; Father Grumble; The Frog He Would A-Courting Ride; The Fox
    The Clerks of Parch's Cove The Wedding of Bean Rock Hollow; Part 2. Folksongs; Chapter 8. The Civil War and After; Old Abe's Elected; In the Year ' 61; The Year of Jubilo; Before This War Broke Out; The Soldier's Fare; My Southern Home; Tombigbee River; Dixie; Rosalee; I'm Gwine from the Cotton Fields; Come, My Love, Come; Chapter 9. Blues; Another Man Done Gone; Chain Gang Song; Deep Blue Sea; Chapter 10. Railroad Work Songs; Lining Track; Laying Rails; Tamping Ties; Picking and Grading; Chapter 11. Serious Songs of Love; Old Smoky; Long Ways from Home; A-Walking, A-Talking; Pretty Mollie
    Bertha Lonesome Dove; Chapter 12. Courting; Paper of Pins; I'll Have No Drunkard to Please; Courting Song; La La Trudum; Teddy O'Hussey; Old Shiboots and Leggins; Chapter 13. Marital Relations; Niggljy Naggljy; I Wish I Was Single Again; I Wish I Were a Single Girl Again; I'm Satisfied; All for the Men; Chapter 14. Risqué Characters; Rosen the Beau; Till I Die; No! No! No!; Negro Demimonde Song; Hesitatin' Whiskey; Chapter 15. Humor The Smeller Song; Jolly Neighbor; Fifty Cents; Hard Times; The Watermelon Song; Work Song; Melissa; Bible Tales; Chapter 16. Frolic Tunes; Boil Them Cabbage Down
    Cindy Melinda; Buckeye Rabbit; Walk Tom Walker; Lank Dank; Carve Dat Possum; Run, Nigger, Run; The Jaybird Song; We Whooped and We Hollered; Chapter 17. Children Choosing Partners; Hog Drovers; Little Gentleman from the Spring; Here Comes Someone A-Roving; Come Over the Heather; Acorns Grow on White Oak Trees; Bower of Roses; Chapter 18. Children Playing Games; Green Gravel; My Pigeon House; Riggety Jig; The Old Gray Cat; Like a Leaf or Feather; Little Sally Walker; Smoke Goes Up the Chimney; Chapter 19. Answering-Back Songs; The Little White Daisies; Old Pompey; Miss Jennie O. Jones
    Jenny Jane
    A lavish presentation of 208 folksongs collected throughout Alabama in the 1940's. Alabama is a state rich in folksong tradition, from old English ballads sung along the Tennessee River to children's game songs played in Mobile, from the rhythmic work songs of the railroad gandy dancers of Gadsden to the spirituals of the Black Belt. The musical heritage of blacks and whites, rich and poor, hill folk and cotton farmers, these songs endure as a living part of the state's varied past.In the mid 1940's Byron Arnold, an eager young music professor from The University of Alabama
  • Publisher: Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press
  • Creation Date: 2013
  • Format: 1 online resource (326 p.).
  • Language: English
  • OCLC Number: 854521104
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