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Re-thinking green alternatives to environmental bureaucracy

Robert Higgs; Carl P. Close 1962- c2005

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  • Title:
    Re-thinking green alternatives to environmental bureaucracy
  • Author: Robert Higgs; Carl P. Close 1962-
  • Subjects: Environmentalism; Green movement; Environmental policy; Environmental impact analysis; Electronic books
  • Description: Front Cover; Copyright; Table of Contents ; Chapter 1: Introduction ; Part I: The Seeds of Environmental Bureaucracy ; Chapter 2 - Prophecy de Novo: The Nearly Self-Fulfilling; Chapter 3 - Doomsday Every Day: Sustainable Economics, Sustainable Tyranny; Part II: Global Issues ; Chapter 4 - Population Growth: Disaster or Blessing?; Chapter 5 - After Kyoto: A Global Scramble for Advantage; Chapter 6 - Global Warming and Its Dangers
    Part III: Endangered Species Chapter 7 - The Endangered Species Act: Who's Saving What?; Chapter 8 - Fixing the Endangered Species Act; Chapter 9 - Environmental Colonialism: ""Saving"" Africa from Africans; Chapter 10 - The Ivory Bandwagon: International Transmission of Interest-Group Politics; Part IV: Entrepreneurship, Property Rights, & Land Use ; Chapter 11 - Free Riders and Collective Action Revisited; Chapter 12 - Entrepreneurship and Coastal Resource Management
    Chapter 13 - To Drill or Not to Drill: Let the Environmentalists DecideChapter 14 - Externalities, Conflict, and Offshore Lands: Resolution through the Institutions of Private Property; Part V: Urban Environments ; Chapter 15 - Is Urban Planning ""Creeping Socialism""?; Chapter 16 - Eco-Industrial Parks: The Case for Private Planning; Part VI: The By-Products of Environmental Bureaucracy ; Chapter 17 - Regulation by Litigation: Diesel-Engine Emission Control
    Chapter 18 - The Environmental Propaganda AgencyPart VII: Debating Market-Based Environmentalism ; Chapter 19 - Market-Based Environmentalism and the Free Market:; Chapter 20 - Market-Based Environmentalism and the Free Market:; Part VIII: Environmental Philosophy ; Chapter 21 - Does ""Existence Value"" Exist? Environmental Economics Encroaches on Religion; Chapter 22 - Autonomy and Automobility; About the Editors ; About the Contributors
    Index About the Independent Institute ; Independent Studies in Political Economty ; Back Cover
    Environmental quality has been a major public concern since the first Earth Day in 1970, yet the maze of environmental laws and regulations enacted since then has fostered huge government bureaucracies better known for waste and failure than for innovation and success.

    Can we do better than this failed environmental bureaucracy? The noted contributors to this volume answer with a resounding ""yes.""

    Re-Thinking Green exposes the myths that have contributed to failed environmental policies and proposes bold alternatives that recognize the power of incentives and the li
  • Publisher: Oakland, CA : Independent Institute
  • Creation Date: c2005
  • Format: 1 online resource (477 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1-59813-103-6
  • OCLC Number: 811505245
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