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Beyond Walls and Cages Prisons, Borders, and Global Crisis

Andrew Burridge 1981-; Matt Mitchelson 1978-; Jenna M. Loyd 1973- 2012

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  • Title:
    Beyond Walls and Cages Prisons, Borders, and Global Crisis
  • Author: Andrew Burridge 1981-; Matt Mitchelson 1978-; Jenna M. Loyd 1973-
  • Subjects: Emigration and immigration -- Government policy; Border security -- Government policy; Imprisonment; Detention of persons; Undocumented immigrants
  • Description: Introduction. Borders, prisons, and abolitionist visions / Jenna M. Loyd, Matt Mitchelson and Andrew Burridge / Policing mobility : maintaining global apartheid from South Africa to the United States / Joseph Nevins -- Understanding conquest through a border lens : a comparative analysis of the Mexico-U.S. and Morocco-Spain regions / Cynthia Bejarano, Maria Cristina Morales and Said Saddiki -- Race, capitalist crisis, and abolitionist organizing : an interview with Ruth Wilson Gilmore, February 2010 / Jenna Loyd and Ruth Wilson Gilmore -- The Texas-Mexico border wall and Ndé memory : confronting genocide and state criminality, beyond the guise of "impunity" / Margo Tamez -- Prisoners of passage : immigration detention in Canada / Harsha Walia and Proma Tagore -- Mapping remote detention : dis/location through isolation / Alison Mountz -- Migration policy and the criminalization of protest / Olga Aksyutina -- William Bratton in the other L.A. / Micol Seigel -- Building prisons, building poverty : prison sitings, dispossession, and mass incarceration / Anne Bonds -- Business of detention / Renee Feltz and Stokely Baksh -- Torn apart : struggling to stay together after deportation / Seth Freed Wessler and Julianne Hing -- Creating spaces for change : an interview with Amy Gottlieb, November 2009 / Jenna Loyd and Amy Gottlieb -- Bajo la misma luna (Under the same moon) / Elizabeth Vargas -- Policing our border, policing our nation : an examination of the ideological connections between border vigilantism and U.S. national ideology / Jodie M. Lawston and Ruben R. Murillo -- Resisting the security-industrial complex : operation streamline and the militarization of the Arizona-Mexico borderlands / Borderlands Autonomist Collective -- Detention and access to justice : a Florence project case study / Christopher Stenken -- Community, identity, and political struggle : challenging immigrant prisons in Arizona / Zoe Hammer -- "Live, love, and work" : an interview with Luis Fernandez, August 2010 / Jenn Loyd and Luis Fernandez -- A politics for our time? Organizing against jails / Joshua M. Price -- "A prison is not a home" : notes from the campaign to end immigrant family detention / Bob Libal, Lauren Martin and Nicole Porter -- Fighting for the vote : the struggle against felon and immigrant disenfranchisement / Minoca W. Varsanyi -- ¡La policía, la migra, la misma porquería! : popular resistance to state violence / Mariana Viturro -- Mapping Black bodies for disease: prisons, migration, and the politics of HIV/AIDS / Rashad Shabazz / The war on drugs is a war on relationships : crossing the borders of fear, silence, and HIV vulnerability in the prison-created diaspora / Laura McTighe -- Immigrant justice from a trans perspective : an interview with Gael Guevara, May 2009 / Jenna Loyd and Gael Guevara -- Descado en Los Angeles : cycles of invisible resistance / Irina Contreras -- Winning the fight of our lives / Subhash Kateel.
    The crisis of borders and prisons can be seen starkly in statistics. In 2011 some 1,500 migrants died trying to enter Europe, and the United States deported nearly 400,000 and imprisoned some 2.3 million people--more than at any other time in history. International borders are increasingly militarized places embedded within domestic policing and imprisonment and entwined with expanding prison-industrial complexes. Beyond Walls and Cages offers scholarly and activist perspectives on these issues and explores how the international community can move toward a more humane future.
  • Publisher: Athens, Georgia : University of Georgia Press
  • Creation Date: 2012
  • Format: 1 online resource (389 pages).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1-283-73333-1;ISBN0-8203-4492-3
  • OCLC Number: 816042082
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