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Transcultural Bodies Female Genital Cutting in Global Context

Bettina Shell-Duncan 1963-; Ylva Hernlund 1962- c2007

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  • Title:
    Transcultural Bodies Female Genital Cutting in Global Context
  • Author: Bettina Shell-Duncan 1963-; Ylva Hernlund 1962-
  • Subjects: Infibulation; Female circumcision; Electronic books
  • Description: Transcultural positions : negotiating rights and culture / Ylva Hernlund and Bettina Shell-Duncan -- Gender crusades : the female circumcision controversy in cultural perspective / Janice Boddy -- A refuge from tradition and the refuge of tradition : on anti-circumcision paradigms / L. Amede Obiora -- Female circumcision in Africa and beyond : the anthropology of a difficult issue / Aud Talle -- Persistence of tradition or reassessment of cultural practices in exile? : discourses on female circumcision among and about Swedish Somalis / Sara Johnsdotter -- Managing cultural diversity in Australia : legislating female circumcision, legislating communities / Juliet Rogers -- Representing Africa in the Kasinga asylum case / Charles Piot -- Seeking asylum, debating values, and setting precedents in the 1990s : the cases of Kassindja and Abankwah in the United States / Corinne A. Kratz -- Making mandinga or making Muslims? : debating female circumcision, ethnicity, and Islam in Guinea-Bissau and Portugal / Michelle C. Johnson -- Infibulation and the orgasm puzzle : sexual experiences of infibulated Eritrean women in rural Eritrea and Melbourne, Australia / Mansura Dopico -- Experiencing sex in exile : can genitals change their gender? : on conceptions and experiences related to female genital cutting (FGC) among Somalis in Norway / R. Elise B. Johansen -- "Ain't I a woman too?" : challenging myths of sexual dysfunction in circumcised women / Fuambai Ahmadu -- The failure of pluralism? / Henrietta L. Moore.
    Female "circumcision" or, more precisely, female genital cutting (FGC), remains an important cultural practice in many African countries, often serving as a coming-of-age ritual. It is also a practice that has generated international dispute and continues to be at the center of debates over women's rights, the limits of cultural pluralism, the balance of power between local cultures, international human rights, and feminist activism. In our increasingly globalized world, these practices have also begun immigrating to other nations, where transnational complexities vex debates about how to reso
  • Publisher: New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press
  • Creation Date: c2007
  • Format: 1 online resource (386 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1-281-09256-8;ISBN9786611092566;ISBN0-8135-4138-7
  • OCLC Number: 476118279
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