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Economic Conditions and Electoral Outcomes The United States and Western Europe

Heinz Eulau 2007

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  • Title:
    Economic Conditions and Electoral Outcomes The United States and Western Europe
  • Author: Heinz Eulau
  • Subjects: Elections; Public opinion; Electronic books
  • Description: Economic Conditions and Electoral Outcomes: The United States and Western Europe; Contents; Preface; INTRODUCTION; CHAPTER 1 Public Attitudes Toward Economic Conditions and Their Impact on Government Behavior; CHAPTER 2 Party Strategies, World Demand and Unemployment in Britain and the United States, 1947-1983; CHAPTER 3 Perceptions of Economic Performance and Voting Behavior in the 1983 General Election in Britain; CHAPTER 4 Political Change and Stability of the Popularity Function: The French General Election of 1981
    CHAPTER 5 Economic Concerns in Italian Electoral Behavior: Toward a Rational Electorate?CHAPTER 6 Economics, Democracy, and Spanish Elections; CHAPTER 7 Economic Effects on the Vote in Norway; CHAPTER 8 Economic Self-Interest and the Vote: Evidence and Meaning; CHAPTER 9 Economics, Politics, and the Cycle of Presidential Popularity; The Voter as Juror: Attributing Responsibility for Economic Conditions; CHAPTER 11 A Retrospective on Retrospective Voting; CHAPTER 12 Economic Determinants and Electoral Outcomes: Some Personal Observations; Author Index
    Does economics influence elections? How does such influence work? Under what conditions is it more or less likely to occur? These appear to be simple questions, but answering them is difficult. And they may appear to be trivial questions to those who contend that elections in the western democracies are at best placebos that disguise the Â"realÂ" dynamics of power in societies still mostly characterized by the capitalist mode of production, even if the economy is directed by government. This is an argument we do not propose to address. We do believe that free, popular elections matter, and tha
  • Publisher: New York : Algora Publishing
  • Creation Date: 2007
  • Format: 1 online resource (260 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN0-87586-072-9
  • OCLC Number: 476114027
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